“When I engage the Four Seasons String Quartet for my wedding, what should my expectations be?”
Every wedding is unique, but we have found the following to be a great starting point:


-Formal black (tuxedo) dress by group.
-In addition to the service music- prelude, processional, recessional and postlude music totaling 30 minutes
-Quartet leader will be present at wedding rehearsal (local only)

-Consultation on musical selections and placement throughout the ceremony.


”Can I request special music?”
Yes! You can! We have a large resource of all types of music for your request. However, there may be an additional fee based on situations such as procurement, creating arrangements and additional rehearsals.


“I would like to have more music at my wedding than the 30 minutes mention earlier. Can the Four Seasons String Quartet accommodate?”
Yes! We can! When reaching out to us, please mention you need to have additional music at your wedding and we can help make that happen.


”How do we get started?”
Click Here or call (540)460-8478